The Phenomenon of Live Streaming

Digital marketing has taken the world by a storm in recent years, with companies looking for innovative ways in which to attract users and engage potential clients. While the use of hardware such as web cameras and streaming software is not exactly new, the concept of it as a marketing phenomenon has been quite the revelation for many brands.

For starters, live-streaming provides immediacy in a way which recorded videos simply cannot. Nowadays, the world is seeking more of the “right now”, we want to engage with and be part of the content we are faced with. Live-streaming creates a sense of gratification as it does not leave one feeling passive. Instead, the user can participate and interact. This is enhanced with the use of running commentary which permits immediate reaction and interaction.

The use of live-streaming by gambling companies has helped companies in the industry personalise the players’ experience, and make it more realistic with a more intimate edge. Players interact with live dealers in real time, and many casino customers feel happier that the cards are dealt, or the wheels spun, by a live person rather than a computer algorithm. Although the algorithms are completely random, for some people they just could not replace the real deal.

Live streaming really started to take off when Facebook launched its live platform. Now anyone with a social media account can create or watch a live video this way. As people move away from television as a medium, live-streamed online videos have rapidly grown in popularity. One great thing about this is the accessibility. Practically anyone with a webcam can create a live stream video. For anyone who’s serious about creating watchable content, the built-in webcam on the laptop isn’t going to cut it. Invest in a special streaming-ready camera if you want your content to be seen.