How to Choose the Most Relevant Images for Your Website

Choosing the appropriate media content is one of the best ways to highlight the strengths of your website. However, it can be difficult to know which images are the most relevant and useful. This is important, as mismatched material can actually have a negative impact upon your SEO and it may even lower your search engine rankings. Let’s quickly examine some methods to ensure that the selected images match your internal content.

E-Commerce and Sales

Sales websites represent a massive industry and this is a highly competitive sector. Therefore, images are extremely important. While it is obvious that the content should reflect your proprietary products and services, there are a few other hints to keep in mind. Make sure that you choose high-quality images. When relevant, provide multiple viewing angles of a product. Finally, it is a good idea to offer a zoom function so that the visitor can examine your goods in more detail.

The Online Gaming Industry

Online casinos have always been known for their visual appeal. It only stands to reason that any images need to reflect this quality. Casino affiliates are a really big thing right now, and they need to attract a certain type of player while still clearly promoting what programmes are being offered. So, any image hyperlinks should contain verifiable branded material as opposed to generic “click here” icons. Also, make certain that these icons contain no blind outbound links.

Finance and Investing

Professional investors must be presented with products in a clear and transparent manner. While stock photos can work well when promoting a blog, more relevant images should be used if you plan on highlighting a product (such as a trading platform) that is being offered. It is also good idea to use the appropriate HTML tags, as search engines will better understand the content being promoted. Finally, confirm that you are employing mobile-friendly code. Many investors will be accessing your website from remote devices such as smartphones and tablets.