6 tips to get great editorial photos

6 tips to get great editorial photos

Events photography can be fast-paced, exciting and sometimes stressful. Unlike a commercial photo shoot, with editorial photography you often only have one chance to get the shots you want. Our tips below will help you get well-prepared so you can get the very best out of your next event.

Preparation is key

Before the event, think ahead and start planning the sorts of shots you want. At a poker tournament, for example, you’d want photos of the winners with their trophies, some close ups of player’s faces mid-game, and maybe some wider shots of the table and audience.

Bring the right equipment

Knowledge of the venue and the list of shots you want will help you plan your equipment. Indoors events will probably require an external flash with a diffuser or reflector, and a wide angle lens for busy or small spaces. A telephoto lens will help in bigger venues where you will be further from the action.

Anticipate the shots

If you’re photographing a poker event, scout yourself out a good vantage point where you can see the player’s faces. Anticipate the moments that will make the most interesting shots, and make sure you have your camera set up and ready.

Be friendly

If you’re getting posed shots, it will benefit you greatly to have a quick chat with people. Introduce yourself and ask if they’d mind quickly posing. The resulting shot – with someone smiling and looking at the camera – will likely be much more engaging and flattering than the ones you could have got from the other side of the room.

Mix up the framing

Getting a variety of photos – from headshots to wider angle room overviews – will make your overall events gallery more interesting.

Shoot in RAW

It uses more storage space, but the RAW format saves all the data from the camera’s sensor. This makes it easier to adjust things like lighting later on, without losing the quality of the photo.