Photographers: Come One, Come All

Welcome to, where budding and seasoned photographers alike can access valuable information pertaining to their craft. Visitors can expect to read riveting coverage of equipment, gear and editing software; learn the ins-and-outs of current and retro cameras; pick up basic and advanced skills; and delve into the history of photography.


Newbies fear not, for our guides will explain how to use different types of cameras: smartphone, standard compact (i.e. point and shoot), zoom compact, advanced compact/bridge camera, super zoom, compact system/mirrorless camera, and digital single-lens reflex (DSLR). Our articles will help readers understand how to adjust settings in order to capture crystal clear shots, properly handle a camera, effectively use flash and care for equipment.

Tips and Tricks

Understanding tips, tricks, and rules can drastically influence your final product. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the Rule of Thirds. Evaluate shots by honing in on points of interest. Take advantage of the horizon, using it to get a straight shot. Experienced or not, everyone can benefit from a refresher course.


Experienced photographers will appreciate our candid reviews of the latest gear. From tripods to camera bags, filters to rain sleeves, no item is too small to be of interest. Consider, for example, the usefulness of a microfiber cloth.Are you drawn to the gold standard of cameras, never seen without a hulking black DSLR round your neck? Perhaps you prefer to work through the kinks of a retro camera, revelling in grainy, character-filled shots. Here at we strive towards inclusion, producing content for all classes of photographer – those working with modern and vintage cameras alike. There is no “best” camera by our reckoning.